Professional Etiquettes

What Are Etiquettes?

  • Etiquette Refers To Behaving In A Socially Responsible Way.
  • Etiquette Is The Customary Code Of Polite Behaviour In A Group Or Society.
  • Etiquettes Can Also Mean Maintaining Proper Mannerisms, Courteousness, Being Formal, Civility, Respecting Others.
  • Etiquette Refers To Guidelines Which Control The Way A Responsible Individual Should Behave In The Society.
  • Etiquette In Simpler Words Is Defined As Good Behaviour Which Distinguishes Human Beings From Animals.

Need For Etiquettes

  • Etiquette Teaches You The Way To Talk, Walk And Most Importantly Behave In The Society.
  • Etiquette Is Essential For An Everlasting First Impression.
  • The Way You Interact With Your Superiors, Parents, Fellow Workers, Friends Speak A Lot About Your Personality And Up- Bringing.
  • Etiquette Enables The Individuals To Earn Respect And Appreciation In The Society.

Advantages Of Following Good Etiquettes

  • You Will Become More Responsible And Mature.
  • Individuals Will Value Relationships.
  • One Will Be Disciplined At The Workplace.
  • We Will Learn To Respect The Company And Maintain The Decorum Of The Place.

Etiquette Violations In A Co-Working Space

  • Over Booking Meeting Or Conference Rooms.
  • Staying Too Long In Meeting Or Conference Rooms.
  • Monopolising The Printer.
  • Banging One’s Equipment Or The Desk.
  • Speaking Too Loudly.
  • Not Greeting Your Superiors & Colleagues.
  • Behaving Indifferently When A Specific Task Is Assign
  • Showing Displeasure With Your Boss.

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