Are You Aware Of These Most Important Email & Internet Etiquette?

Are You Aware Of These Most Important Email & Internet Ettiquetes?

  • Reply To Any & Every Email Within 4 Working Hours (Turnaround Time/TAT).
  • Provide Point-Wise Answers Wherever Possible.
  • Re-Read The Mail Twice Before Pressing The Send Button So That You Avoid Typo Errors. Do A Spell-Check.
  • Be Clear, Formal, Specific, Concise And To The Point In An Email.
  • Answer All Questions And Clarifications.
  • It’s Important To Use Proper Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation.
  • Mail Must Be Professional & Not Informal.
  • Save Templates For Frequently Used Responses.
  • The Subject And Body Of The Mail Must Match.
  • Do Not Attach Unnecessary Files.
  • Use Proper Structure & Layout. Refer To Mail Format.
  • Do Not Overuse The High Priority Option.
  • Do Not Write/Email In CAPITALS, Or All In BOLD Or In RED Colour.
  • Use Flags For Important Emails. It Will Act Like A Self-Reminder To Complete The Task.
  • Don’t Leave Out The Message Thread.
  • Continue The Mail Chain Such That Important Info Is Not Lost.
  • Add Disclaimers To Your Emails.
  • Read The Email Before You Send It
  • Do Not Overuse Reply To All.
  • Send The Mail To The Relevant Recipients Only.
  • For Mailers To Several Recipients, Use The Bcc: Field Sparingly.
  • Use Abbreviations And Emoticons Sparingly Unless You Know Your Superior/Client/Supplier Very Well.
  • Pay Attention While Formatting Your Mail.
  • Take Care While Using Rich Text And HTML Messages.
  • It’s Not Appropriate To Forward Chain Letters.
  • Do Not Request Delivery And Read Receipts (Unless Someone Requests).
  • Do Not Ask To Recall A Message.
  • Do Not Copy A Message Or Attachment Without Permission.
  • If A Deadline Cannot Be Met, Reply To The Mail With The Reason Why It Cannot Be Met. Provide A New Deadline.
  • Never Discuss Highly Confidential Information Via Email.
  • Use A Meaningful Subject Which Captures The Attention Of The Reader.
  • Use Active Instead Of Passive Voice. Refer Examples.
  • Avoid Using URGENT And IMPORTANT For All Mails.
  • Avoid Long & Complex Sentences, Keep The Mail Short & Simple.
  • Don’t Send Or Forward Emails Containing Inappropriate, Insulting, Slanderous, Defamatory, Offensive, Racist Or Obscene Remarks.
  • Don’t Forward Virus Hoaxes And Chain Letters.
  • Keep Your Language Gender Neutral.
  • Don’t Reply To Spam. (Delete & Trash Them).
  • Begin Your Mail With Hello Or Dear Sir/Ma’am.
  • Never Use Slang Or SMS Language.
  • Beware Of Opening Mails From Unknown Sources.
  • If You Have Wrongly Forwarded The Mail, Quickly Send An Apology Mail.
  • You Can Undo The Sent Mail Within 5 Seconds.
  • Proofread Every Mail; Never Be In A Hurry To Send A Mail Without Double-Checking.
  • Own-Up For Mistakes; Send A Revised Corrected Mail.
  • Do Not Use Mr./Ms./Mrs. If You Are Not Sure Whether The Recipient Is A Male/Female.
  • Internally Between Colleagues, You Can Just Start A Mail With Just Hello Or Hi,
  • End Your Mail With Your Name, Designation, Handheld Phone, Landline Number, Company Website Link, Products/Services Link. (Or Your Company Will Share A Common Email Signature).
  • Send Gentle Reminders Whenever You Have Not Received Any Reply.
  • Do Not Repeat/Resend Attachments In Reminder Mails.
  • Always Give Reference Of First Email With Date In Your Reminder Emails.
  • Go To Settings & Affix The Company Logo On The Top Of Your Mail (Especially When You Write To Customers/Suppliers/Partners)
  • Choose A Font Style:
  • Choose Font Size: 10 Or 12
  • Choose Font Colour: Black Or Blue
  • Reply To Your Emails–Even If The Email Wasn’t Intended For You.
  • Know That People From Different Cultures Speak And Write Differently.
  • Tailor Your Message To The Receiver’s Cultural Background. Miscommunication Can Easily Occur Because Of Cultural Differences, Especially In The Writing Form.
  • If You Have Replied Or Composed A New Mail From Mobile, Write ‘Sent From Mobile’.
  • Include A Clear, Direct Subject Line.
  • Use A Professional Email Address.
  • Compose The Mail 1st. Add The Email Address Last.
  • Never Use Multi-Colours, Fancy Fonts Or Different Font-Size In The Mail.
  • Do Not Change The Main Subject Line. We Will Be Able To Track The Entire Correspondence By Searching With The Relevant Keywords.
  • Old Emails Which Are Outdated And Not Relevant Can Be Deleted.

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